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The MooringInfo Platform

Let's face it, the web was not originally built for applications. Its technology was primarily designed for a linked-static-document use case. Think blogs, newspapers, marketing or informational sites like this one. Most web sites follow this simple link based approach.

Our vision is quite different. We utilize a modern day framework called Sproutcore. Developed by Apple and maintained by a robust and growing community, it continues to power the web application revolution. Its goal is to allow developers to create web applications with advanced capabilities and a user experience comparable to that of desktop applications. SproutCore is not for drop-in widgets, and it’s not for fancy web pages. SproutCore is for building feature-packed, high-performance applications - that happen to run in the browser.

Utilized to develop the desktop-level productivity experience of Apple’s iCloud, MooringInfo uses this same approach to bring you our comprehensive suite of tools to deliver great native-style app experiences to desktops and mobile devices.

Access Anywhere

Hosted on the cloud allowing access anywhere, anytime from your desktop or mobile device. No software installation required.

Industry Standards

Our software is built on industry standard platforms utilizing and embracing the growing open source community.


Strong user authentication with encrypted data exchange combined with Site Administrator and Read-Only user levels.