Historically, a log book is a record of important events in the management, operation, and navigation of a ship. It is essential to traditional navigation, and must be filled in at least daily.

Today, the term log book has expanded to include a wide array of other areas such as Marine Management, Environmental Control, Animal Control and much, much more. It is used to maintain an accurate history that follows a strict chain of custody process.

This is why we are excited to introduce the world to Log Info. A modern way to log, track and manage all your important information.

But why stop at just logging? Why not expanded your log to include a comprehensive billing system to not only track events but to generate invoices such as violations, citations, licensing or anything else that requires an invoice or communication with your customers.

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About Log Info

Just a small sampling of what your log can achieve.

Historical Logging

Maintain an accurate account of history by logging date, time and logging party on each entry. Version control manages all edits to ensure a meticulous historic timeline.

Log it | Find it | Report it

  • Date & Timestamp Maintains History
  • Version Control Tracks Historical Changes
  • Capture Relevant Data Per Entry Type
  • Cull By Date Range
  • Sort | Filter | Search
  • Optionally Broadcast To Neighbor Sites

Quick Entry

Using intelligent forms users can quickly and efficiently enter data to capture your event. Built in tools streamline input.

  • Quick Entry With Defaults For Most Fields
  • Validation For items Such As Phone & Email
  • Required Field To Ensure Complete Reporting
  • Customer Lookup Or State Vessel Registration Lookup  (if available)
  • Voice Dictation On Enabled Devices

Stunning Output

Collecting data is just a small part of your log. You need to be able to produce various types of communications for your co-workers, constituents and external parties.

  • Custom Communications
  • Reports | Permits | Licenses | Receipts | Etc.
  • Table View
  • Export To Excel | PDF | Clipboard | Email | Print

Comprehensive Charting

View your data on a Google Map.

  • Find Information by Area
  • Easily Spot Trends
  • Color Coding For Easy Verification


The Log is used to manage some of the most important events for safety and law enforcement departments. Come join our list of happy and productive customers.

Law Enforcement

Track Incidents and write citations with optional invoicing for electronic payment. Easily lookup history prior to any calls.

Marine Management

Track incidents, weather & tides to handle insurance and legal claims. Mange beach stickers, shellfish, fishing & other harbor items.

Animal Control Officers

Track & manage animal activities such as licensing, vaccinations, citations & violations and history of activity.

Clean Vessel Act

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Environmental Officers

Environmental health and safety managers track incidents in the workplace to minimize or eliminate hazards and harm.

Track Everything

Track employee availability, equipment maintenance, radio checks, shark sightings, abandoned vessels & anything you can think of.

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Core Features

Built to assist busy law enforcement and safety officers

Access Anywhere

Hosted in a world class data center for secure access via a browser anywhere with an internet connection


Mobile Ready

Built for access on the go and formated for various screen sizes such as phone, tablet, laptops and desktops.


Built to communicate with set groups of constituents to keep the lines of communication open.



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  • Incidents
  • Notes | Alerts
  • Employee Time Tracking
  • Animal Bite Tracking | Reporting
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Weather Forecast | Tides
  • Abandoned Vessels
  • Shark Sightings
  • Clean Vessel Act | Pump out
  • custom entries available...

$ 399 annual

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Waterway Enforcement

  • Violations | Citations
  • Licensing | Permitting
  • Wait List Management | Billing
  • Point of Sale Items
  • Inspection Management | Alerts
  • Transient Booking | Billing
  • Email | Local | Bulk | Logging
  • Communications | Digital Library
  • Charting | Mapping
  • and much more...

$ based on size

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Animal Care & Control

  • Violations | Citations
  • Licensing Application & Renewal
  • Vaccination | Immunization
  • Upload Veterinarian Reports
  • Photos | Animal History
  • Point of Sale Items
  • Email | Local | Bulk | Logging
  • Communications | Digital Library
  • Charting | Mapping
  • and much more...

$ based on size

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  • Proven Battle Tested Product
  • Exceptional Client Services
  • Customizations | Integrations
  • Seasoned Management Team
  • Bottom line, we want to make you super successful

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely. Most of our customers are on the go and have various size screens that they take with them. Desktop, Cell Phone, Tablet we have the same familiar interface for all types of screen sizes.
No. Our base product is a very extensive logging and reporting system by itself. If you require any specific Waterway Management or Animal Control Management functionality then a plug-in is required. If you also want any type of contact management and invoice capabilities a plug-in is required. Give us a call we will be happy to walk you thru the options.
We have a great deal of tools available to us to help load your data so you can get started right away. So far we have not met a data set we could not handle. Go ahead, give us a try.
With one of our plug-ins you have full broadcast capabilities to send out email broadcasts. Unfortunately we do not support text messages at this time but hope to in the future.
Our plug-in packages allow up to 25 logins which typically far exceed the needs of most organizations.

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